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Some things you need to know wbout the mod, before its released.

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Ill start with some bad news.

Sadly, due to some unforseen obsticles, the mod has officially been delayed for the third time, this time for 6 days, so insted of coming out on the 25th, it will be out on the 31st. We will still be releasing it in March, no doubt about that. That date by the way is according to New Zealand time, so that would be March 30th in the US.

On a more neutral note, the mod at this point in time is about 500mb, that size isnt likely to change much in the next week so you can expect that to be the size of the download.

On that note, the requirements of the mod are as stated previously, if you own a legitimate version of portal on steam and can run it fairly smoothly then youll be able to run the mod. Some inquiries about the need of Hlaf-Life 2 to run the later parts of the mod are happening tomorrow and we'll keep you informed as to wheather that is true or not.

Im not familiar with the way mods work on mac computers, I cannot guarentee that people with mac computers will be able to play our mod, if people are interested in getting the mod for their mac then we may investigate that post release.

Other than that theres nothing you really need to know, but if their are any questions about the mod simply post a comment on this article and we'll answer them as best as we can.

Thankyou, and we're very excited to finally get the mod out to everyone.


Awesome! I will download it when released.

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I installed it correctly but when I click play NOTHING HAPPENS

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I installed it correctly, but when I click play, NOTHING HAPPENS

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