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Design3 recently interview Scott Reismanis and Dave Traeger from DesuraNET!

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Back in early March 2011 at GDC, Design3 sat down with Scott and I to do a video interview on all the websites that make up the DesuraNET family.

Special thanks to the Design3 crew for taking the time to organise, record and edit this fantastic video. And yes ladies, Scott is available!

Oh look another interview with Nerd Age about ModDB and her sister sites!

cW#Ravenblood - - 6,703 comments

And yes Ladies, Dave is available.

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Kai-Li - - 169 comments

Great interview. Sound is a little buggy.

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medve - - 1,475 comments

its a good interview, but next time dont record it next to a hurricane. by the way: i think most of us would love to see some regular videos from the main devs from moddb talking about themself the community and the future plans...for example video showcase about a new desura feature and stuff.

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Tatsur0 - - 1,068 comments

Thanks Design3 was a nice interview and Dave once again forcing ppl to bleep out words! (heh not like I didn't help with that in the past) Great interview.

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Henley Author
Henley - - 1,973 comments

Ahhh no that was Scott this time :P

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TBBiggs - - 111 comments

Great interview. Love what you guys have created with ModDB and continue to do with Desura and beyond. Well done.

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Admiral_Nemo - - 5,294 comments


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Sph!nx - - 722 comments

Yup, been enjoying this network for a long time time. Respect to you mates!!

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Ark_ - - 583 comments

Paused music. Turned up the volume to watch it. Finish watching, unpaused music. Nearly deafened myself.

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jjawinte - - 5,067 comments

A fine interview. Something I always enjoy. One things for certain; " mobile " development, as was touched on briefly, warrants very close attention.

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design3 - - 25 comments

Our sincere apologies about the sound, our editor tried his best to rescue it :( we'd love the chance to redeem ourselves and do a more complete interview in the future :)

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Reactorcore - - 646 comments


Heh, that definition is as accurate as it can ever get. These guys know exactly what they are talking about. :D

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DuckSauce - - 969 comments

That's a...
Wait for it...

Huge mouse cursor.

Edit: Henley also has my kind of hair.

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hogsy - - 619 comments

That's what she said.

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AshtonAndersen - - 205 comments

Great Job, Scott and David!

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architectts - - 790 comments

I didn't know David and Scott were such damn handsome young chaps. I'd say my word to sum up game development is "Rewarding".

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CoS_Ethan - - 255 comments

Great to watch this interview, thanks you guys.

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