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First of all, no promises, but we are really close to a release on Desura!

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First of all, no promises, but we are really close to a release on Desura!

There are a few roadblocks in the way though. One is the settings application. I want to get some good default graphics settings for the game in place (for noobies who don't really want to be bothered with every other little graphics option). The current settings profiles are awful. Thankfully, Koshi (SpringLobby Developer) has been working pretty closely with me to make all of this possible.

Currently there is a build on Desura (just no one can see it except me and a select few others), and as of my last test it actually went through without a single hitch (heh, cross your fingers).

Now, it's worth noting that in a way, this will be sort of a "Half Release". What that means is, all of the first Faction (Outer Colonies) is in and all the game features are there (of course I'll get bored and get CarRepairer to help me implement more :-)). The reason I wanted to do it this way is because now I have it set so that I don't ahve to change anyhting with the core game or features for the second faction. I get the joyful bliss of simply putting the units in, setting up the tech structure are some other more or less minor stuff, and viola, OMG 2 factions! :-)

The nice side effect is that is that you guys get a very nice well polished game to play with in the meantime. To draw an analogy, the addition of the second faction will seem in many ways like a DLC (even though it very much isn't anyhting so minor as that). Also, thanks to our "Rapid" updating system, you will have access to the latest test builds as well, so you can either take part in playing with the latest Official stable build, or with the testing releases (all within the same lobby too, no need to do anyhting special to try a test build).

In the end, please keep in mind that the development team of Evolution RTS is tiny (and for a majority of the work consists of 1 or 2 people), so this is a bit of a monumental effort (Which speaking of, if you would like to become a team member in working on the game, send me a message).

That is all. Stay tuned here and on our website ( ) for more up to date info!

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awesome! Can't wait to play!

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Forboding_Angel Author
Forboding_Angel - - 121 comments

Notice I also added some new images and videos and crap in the past few days.

Maintaining indiedb/desura pages in addition to the website is a pain in the ****, but meh I guess I'll live.

I'm hoping that we can have a ready to go version on desura in the next coupla days, but then it'll be up to the desura guys to approve (I doubt there will be any trouble... we've put a LOT of work into streamlining stuff).

Anyway, so yeah :-)

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