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A renegade mage and archaelogist, an expert in forbidden spells and tombs. His essence has been imprisoned in an ancient obsidian statue that, with the promise of a new body has become the Wizard's official executioner.

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Many centuries ago, there existed a great mage with an unquenchable thirst for exploring the secret arts. This caused him to venture into forbidden territories and be branded a menace by the Twin Suns Church and the Magi's Guild alike; institutions that often find themselves one against the other. Finding himself cornered in the Tomb he made his hideout, the mage cast a desperate spell that turned his body into a sphere of pure mana quickly dissipating into thin air. An abandoned obsidian construct nearby, retaining traces of necromantic magic of its initial creation, absorbed the mage’s essence over the years and finally reconstituted his consciousness within its structure.

This nature-defying creature now serves the Forsaken as the official torturer and executor of the Wizard's enemies, acomplice of the creation of many of the creatures under the Great Conjurer's command. The Destroyer serves under the promise of a new body. Psionic annihilation is the only thing that awaits those who cross his path.


Name: Destroyer – Gundagar, The Mana Eater
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Affilation: Forsaken
Gender: Male
Race: Undead
Role: Slayer
Damage: 36 - 43
Armor: 4

Movementspeed: 320
Health-Regeneration: 0.25
Mana-Regeneration: 0.01
Weapon Type: Missile
Cooldown: 1.35
Range: Melee
Start Health Points: 525
Start Mana Points: 285


Arcane Swap
Arcane Swap:
Gundagar restores mana to an enemy but damages his health for the same amount. The target is damaged by half the spell cost if it has no mana.

Mind Burst
Mind Burst:
The Mana Eater casts out two magical bolts towards a target. They deal damage and leave a mana draining debuff. If the target has mana, some of it will be transfered to Gundagar.

Mana Steal
Mana Steal:
Everytime Gundagar attacks a unit, he has a 25% chance to absorbs it's mana. But he cannot absorb more mana than what the target has.

Release Mana
Release Mana:
The Destroyer uses all of his mana to unleash an energy wave around him that damages and slows every enemy it hits. The AoE depends on the amount of mana used.

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