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Let's have a little chat, my friends. Dessert's Flip is a complex and simple game at the same time!

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Desserts Flip is a mobile game focused on minimalism and simplicity, but simple is not always easy. It's taking a while, but we've come a long way.

Soon today I'm going to recount what we've already created for this game with a delicious protagonist!

1 11

These two images represent the 2 main mechanics of our game and are the possible moves that our protagonist can make! To help our players understand these main mechanics we made explanatory gifs.

Button MoveTouch Move

Our game is mostly focused on movement... And the different levels and challenges that the game presents explore the main mechanics of movement to have different levels of difficulty...

Gamesystem Movement


So speaking of the different difficulty levels are the different levels!



Level3 1



These are some levels present in the game, and these are some possible gameplays!






We studied levels and mechanics but we also studied possible puddings (protagonists).

Color Studie 1 Character 4

Color Studie 3 Character 10

Color Studie 4 Character 10

This is a part of the route we took... But our walk isn't over, the pudding still hasn't escaped from the fridge!

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