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Desolated - The Crying Fate is done. Download the TC for Doom 3 and have fun playing!

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Hey there guys,

today I can finally announce that Desolated - The Crying Fate is done and ready to download. Enjoy playing the mod that took me almost 7 years to finish. So what can you expect from it you may ask?

Desolated11 Desolated06

Here a small overview of its FEATURES:
- 3-8 hours of gameplay
- 3 different gamemodes: story, arena and secret
- huge variety of environments
- insane difficulty that changes the environemnt (story and arena)
- a rpg-, quest- and moneysystem
- new weapons such as a sword plus magic spells
- hidden and unlockable secrets
- voice acted intense storyline
- custom soundtrack made by Neurological
- new gfx like bloom, parallax mapping etc.
- and much, much more...

Desolated09 Desolated08

What is there left to say? First of all thanks to everyone who supported me and believed in this project. It improved my skills so much and made me a way better game designer. Due to my recent bachelor degree in game design and the knowledge I gained during my projects I even decided to launch my own game company with a good friend called Dragonwolf Studios, so stay tuned for future projects.

But for now enjoy Desolated and click the download button!


Desolated - The Crying Fate V1.0


Congrats man! I'll have to give it a shot soon!

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gonna play tonight !!!

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i was tracking this for like eternity. defenetly gonna try it out.

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Right on, man.

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hey this looks awesome is it standalone?

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DaveTheFreak Author

No sorry, Doom 3 (not the BFG Edition) is required to be able to play it.

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