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You read the title correctly, we're still alive and kicking.

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Although progress has been mindbogglingly slow, I thought I'd let everyone know that the mod is still alive. It's just that we've all been having some real life issues creep up and plus I had a hard drive delete some of my hard work (which I am making headway on getting back to where I was but better). I was close to a release of Early Days Chapter 1 - Part 1 and Kashyyyk Days Chapter 1 - Part 2.

zeroeditor Z4Cno6Av4T

Pictured above: Teaser WIP for Kashyyyk Days Chapter 1 - 2

Progress may be slow, but we are far from dead. I guess it was more of a rest to recuperate from life? A lot has changed in my life personally in ways that sometimes made it difficult to work on the mod series, but I never let it go. It's my baby and it will take a lot for me to give it up.

With that being said, thank you for those who stuck around with me and contributed to the project. I look forward to showing you guys some great progress in the future!

- RevanSithLord


Nice to know that this mod is still alive, can't wait for new updates of this mod!

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RevanSithLord03 Author

In the coming days, I'm hoping to get a 1.0 Conquest version of Geonosis out! I know it's not as exciting as a campaign, but I've been working on this map for 5 plus years and I always kept having setbacks due to life or hard drive crashes, so I have it in a very playable state right now...and I just need to do some fine tweaking and a 1.0 version should be out very soon.

If you join our Discord, you can play the current version of Early Days Chapter 1-1 as it is right now, but I already made some nice changes to it already like adding in some more stuff.

Kashyyyk may need an entirely new revamp as it has been giving me crashes, so I may need to restart it entirely. The Discord link is right here:

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