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An important update about one of DD's hidden gem. This article will guide you throught the map!

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Designated Days Scrapped Map: Testing Build

This maps was suppose to be part of the main Designated days mod. The story take's place near the end of The Clone Wars. A few months before Order 66. But we decided it wouldn't make the line up with the rest.

As far as you can see now, this map is an unfinished one with a few missing names and floating weapon icons. It's not a real problem, not at all, it makes the map even more fun to play!

The map will introduce you as a clone trooper investigating an unknow planet in the outer-rim. While following the orders given, you and your brothers need to figure out what is going on.

As usual HD models, different objective, AI improvments are present. This map offer an impressive panel of custom vehicles.

But anyways, now time for everyone's favorite part, the in-game screenshots! :D

Ground Vehicles:

20170502184725 1

TX-150 support tank

20170502184800 1 Modified IFT-X hover-tank with an armored turret

20170502185227 1 Another IFT-X hover-tank variant inspired by the phone game "Star Wars Commander"

20170502184911 120170502184835 1 The famous "HAVw A6 Juggernaut" also know as "Clone Turbo Tank"

20170502184952 1 Playable "Orbital Strike" from the Juggernaut (very useful to take out important group of ennemis)

20170502185838 1 New tanks are also coming with an improved reticule

Units :

(Note: the rest of the clones are composed of the 187th legion).

20170502185117 1 Clone trooper firing at some rebels

20170502183623 120170502184356 120170502184431 120170502185506 1Rebel Forces defending their position

20170502184113 1 And finnaly the cloning facility


Designated Days: Testing Build 1.0

Finnaly we would like to thank everyone here at Moddb for the support. Feedbacks and comments are welcome!

- The Designated Days Team.


lovin that reticule :D

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These clone Bacta/cloning tanks are beautiful.

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Seeing this huge Turbo-Tank that was reaction:

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Good job ;)

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Nice map guys, keep up the good work :)

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Great article. It's a shame we ended up not releasing this as a story map. It was more a proof of concept with the new types of vehicles (especially the Juggernaut, which now-a-days has received a major overhaul) as well as show off the props and sides in general. The TX-150 is my favorite asset thus far for both the Republic/Empire, as it is based off of the M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank. The custom sounds and visual effects as well. Good job posting this. I've been wanting to play our old test map again. :) We were getting a feel for the sides - Rathians and the Republic, but also tried delving into what the GCW would look like with the Empire vs the Rebellion.

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