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The Design/Guidelines for those who would like to contribute to Miner Wars with 3D Models

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Hey Guys,

We would like to let the Moddb know about the following. People are very busy and active with creating and showing of their 3D models like mining vessels and mother ships over at our forums. The reason why these people are so busy with this is because if the model get’s approved by our lead artist. Then there might be a big chance that the 3D model will be featured in the game. Recently our Lead Artist has released a Design Document/Guidelines to help you to create models better fitted for Miner Wars. To reward the contributors, we’re giving away ‘medals’ for those wo have joined the community on the Miner Wars forum. There are 3 levels for 3D Modeling for people to achieve.

· Level 1 Medal: Gives you the ability to give your mining vessel a unique self made paintjob.

· Level 2 Medal: Free copy of Miner Wars

Level 3 Medal: Access to unreleased content

Now what do you’ve got to do in order to achieve these medals?

· Level 1 - 1 model of basic fighter, weapon or any other low-poly object

· Level 2 - 3 models of basic fighter, weapon or any other low-poly object or one bigger mother ship model

· Level 3 - Any work more than that will grant you a Level 3 medal. In that case we will probably invite you into our team and it will be up to you to accept!

The Design
Document/Guidelines can be found here:

Note: The Design Document will be updated over time with new information.

Thanks guys for listening and we hope to see you soon over at our forums showing off your masterpieces you’ve created!

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