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Here it is, the design doc if you couldn't tell. PROJECT: Meta-Genesis Design Document W.I.P.

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PROJECT: Meta-Genesis

Design Document W.I.P.


Meta-Genesis is a 1st person team based shooter centered around 2 teams battling it out

in the middle of a war torn semi-realistic backdrop. It will be played out in rounds ( each

player has (x) amount of lives during each round, if these lives are depleted before the timer hits 0 and

neither team has won, then that player has to spectate until one of said conditions are met ), with

certain objectives for each of the 2 teams to complete before time runs out. Although the game takes

place generally in plausible semi realistic settings, the main focus is on action, with an

emphasis on team play.

An asterisk( * ) indicates a feature that is not in the current development plan



  • 2 RULES




  • 6 TEAMS



  • 9 MAPS



Project 421 was the brain child of Dr. Adelbert Hillebrand, he developed a

way to enhance the strength and abilities of the modern soldier thru a combination of genetic

engineering and nano technology. Thanks to the major technological advancements in cloning

in recent years, they can also be relatively cheaply produced, making it possible to create

armies out of single human specimen. This called for the sacrifice of many unquestioning

and unaware young patriots to supply the specimens to conduct the research required to acquire

a suitable production specimen. Narrowing it down to two of the choices, both had to go through

painful "physical enhancements" to ensure obedience and prepare their bodies for the strain and

conditions they would be required to endure. Five clones were made of each subject so that

thorough physical and mental evaluations could be conducted.. These first subjects were

terminated once it was determined that some of their memories had triggered a violent panic

state followed by a small massacre of laboratory workers. Due to the high risk of mental

overload or breakdown involved, nanobots were injected into the next set of subjects and were

used to inhibit the free will of their host by distorting and redefining signals sent by their brains. It

was then discovered that without frequent attention, the nano bots would become ineffective in

controlling brain activity and the subjects, now conscious of their fate became even more violent.

A rage was let loose against the facility cracking walls, destroying equipment and killing nearly all of the

staff. Each subject had been genetically enhanced to be more physically capable, this somehow

severely altered their DNA, causing unexpected results. Ignoring the most important breakthrough in

the history of mankind, the project's funding was terminated and all witnesses and records ordered

destroyed. During the termination of the subjects, something went wrong. The Dr.'s fate and

whereabouts are currently unknown currently unknown. Soon after, all over the world, an army of super

soldiers started striking Military and Civilian targets in a seemingly random fashion. Growing to great

power, and calling themselves THE (H)AND (O)F (G)OD, these soldiers seemed invincible. Demanding

nothing and causing widespread panic, something had to be done. With Dr.'s technology in their

hands, the United States Gov't declares war on H.O.G. with the creation of their own Meta-Soldiers... The

(M)eta(R)esponse (F)orce.


Primary Goal: Complete the map specific objective(s) for your team, by any means necessary

( Because of the unique entity set created specifically for the game, mappers

have an unprecedented level of control over crafting dynamic objective based

game play. Objectives will vary based on the map, and nearly any scenario that

can be thought up can be employed. Only game-types\maps that are of a

certain quality will be included in the official releases. )

Secondary Goal: Keep yourself alive!

( no reason to violate this unless you have completed the primary objective. )

Gameplay: A Brief Description

At the beginning of each round, both teams spawn at designated areas on the map. There is a

brief period of time to select your equipment, weapons, and abilities for the current round, the player

won't be able to move during this time ( Editing your setup will be optional, you may choose to get right

into the action with a randomized loadout every round ). After this period, the round timer starts. The

two teams have until the round timer runs out to eliminate the opposite team ( which effectively stops

them of course ) or complete their objectives. If the timer runs out before either team wins, the

defensive team wins by default. Each player will have a set number of lives ( 1-infinite ) each round, if

they run out before the round's end, the player gets to spectate for the remainder of the round. The

player's goal is always to accomplish their objective by any means necessary, be it sneaking, fighting,

ambushing, tricking, etc. Each player will use their hud to determine which way their objective is. It is

very important to use extreme caution when navigating the environment, using cover will be key to

surviving, and teamwork is encouraged.


func_target_area ( Makes location a trigger entity, that has adjustable settings...makes

bomb site, makes rescue area, makes escape area, etc. ) NOTE: If the map maker

doesn't add a weapon_c4 entity, one will be automatically placed in a random player's

equipment if this entity is set as a bombsite.

weapon_c4 ( Actual bomb, or bombs if multiple bomb locations set up on map...

meaning one person has multiple charges. Bombs don't have to be spawned on a

player, you could throw it on the table...or make it something the bad guys have to

acquire from an area outside of their spawn :P )

weapon_intel ( Can be added to any map to be used with a rescue zone made with

func_target_area. Model set by level designer. Can also be given after an objective is complete. I.e Complete hacking a console and escape with flash drive\disk

*info_target _npc ( Would be rescueable npc, or npc who can let you thru a door...even

an item that needs to be returned )


Character Abilities:

Telekinesis: Players can pull, push and carry things with their mind.

*Pyrokinesis: Players can harness the power of fire from available sources in the map.

*Cloak: Players become less visible.

*Inner Sight: Players can see the opposing team through walls for a time at the expense of their normal vision and movement.


Players start with two ( 2 ) stat points and receive another two for each level they gain( up to ten (10) ). They can assign up to 5 stat points to improve your skill in each of the following categories.

Character Statistics\Breakdown:

Strength: Increases melee damage dealt( 5dmg per stat point), lessens fall damage, lessens melee damage taken, lessens armor weight penalty( complete negation, point for point).

Endurance: Slows stamina depletion both from physical actions as well as use of special abilities.

Speed: Increases frequency of melee attack. Increases movement speed by 5 units per stat point.

Jump: Heightens jump.

Life: Increases maximum health by 10hp per stat point applied.

Armor: Increases maximum armor by 10hp per stat point applied,

Cuts effectiveness of jump stat points by half( unless countered by strength points ) , Negates speed stats on a point by point basis.

Weapon Handling: Lowers recoil and bullet spread on a per weapon basis.

Ability: Increases range\power\reduces stamina cost of selected ability.



While Statistics change the players capabilities, specializations can add a bonus characteristic to augment their play styles.

Tank: Adds 50 to the player's armor with out adding a weight penalty.

Grenadier: Player has 4 grenade slots instead of 3 and can carry two of any grenade type instead of one ( up to a total of 4 ).

Silent Step: Cuts player walk\run down noise to 1/4.

Helmet: Adds a ballistic helmet and face mask, dampening head damage.

NOTE: Some of the following are affected by

your characters stat progression.

A.Basic movement

Walk and Run forward/back and strafe Left/Right (ALL)

Jump ( ALL )

Crouch ( ALL )

B.Evasive maneuvers

*Dive/Somersault (ALL)-will be added later



IronSights Mode (ALL)


*Grab/Human Shield (ALL)--------THIS IS LIKELY TO BE REMOVED


* Transparency/Camouflage

G.Character interaction

*If alive, pressing the USE key within range of a player's corpse while aiming at it will

replenish Armor, Grenades, and Ammo if applicable. --------THIS IS LIKELY TO BE REMOVED

*If you encounter a teammate whose health depleted by means other than explosion or head shot, as long as their respawn timer has counted down, you can revive them with the healer.


Players have a Primary weapon slot which can hold any one weapon from the following weapon classes: smg, shotgun, assault rifle, and sniper rifle. Additionally, they have a Secondary weapon slot that can hold any item from the pistol or misc class. The player will also have a slot to hold a single melee weapon, and two grenade slots.



C.Assault rifles


E.Sniper rifles



H.Projectiles and explosives



1A.Mark 7 ( default pistol for M.R.F Agents )

*2A.Tactical ( Silenced Semi-Auto pistol w/ barrel counter- weight )

*3A.Repeater ( Semi-Auto Pistol Modified into Automatic w/ extended clip)

**4A.XT-64 Experimental laser ( H.O.G. Agents had in possession when they went missing )

*5A.Mini Crossbow ( Only Available to M.R.F. Agents, Semi-Auto )


1B.Maverick ( American made SMG with High Rate of Fire )

*2B.Tactical SMG ( Good ole' German 9mm Tactical SMG w/ light/ laser sight )


1C. T.A.R.( Tactical Assault Rifle )

*2C. XT-96 ( Long Range Experimental Laser ) ( Modified XT-64 w/ Extended Barrel and Added

Scope )


1D.10g Svalt Pump-Shutgun ( 8 Round Assault Shotgun )


*1E. Scoped Re curve Bow( 3 states of zoom ) ( Carbon Fiber Re curve Bow w/ scope )

2E. Talon High-accuracy Sniper Rifle ( single zoom state )

( High Power Bolt action Rifle w/ long range scope )


*1F. SI Law Enforcement Taser ( Hand held grip that launches hook ended darts into opponent,

releasing incapacitating jolts of electricity )

*2F. Repeating Poison Dart Shooter ( Automatic Dart launcher w/ high velocity shot and expanded magazine size )

3F. Healer ( Used to stop players from bleeding as well as revive downed players )



2G.Combat Knife

*3G.Telescoping Rod


1H.Fragmentation Grenade

*2H.Flash Grenade

*3H.Smoke Grenade

*4H.Concussive Force Explosive - Pushes anyone in range through the air with a great force, makes ears ring, and causes motion blur.

*5H.Incendiary Grenades - Sets anyone in range on fire, forcing them to dive\roll or submerge

themselves in water


*6H.T.A.G. Grenade - Sticks to metal(s) ( i.e. guns, metal walls, etc. ). ! Possibility!


A. Meta-Response Force


B. The Hand of God



The following is a list of examples, you can have up to ten objectives in any combination.

A. Team Elimination ( Default )

B. Destruction ( Blow up specific Target sites by setting charges )

C. Rescue ( Basic Hostage Rescue )

D. Recon ( Find (a) Specific item(s) and escape with it )

E. Detonation ( Blow up One of 2 Target sites )

F. Breach ( Penetrate Enemy Defenses, multiple defense posts, in order )


Each player starts every game with 0 (zero ) experience. Experience increases every round

based on personal performance, at the end of each round, the winning team gets an experience bonus.

Once a player gains enough experience, they will increase in level , starting at 0 and incrementing to 10 .

Each level gained also allows the player to expand one of his special abilities or statistics. At the end of a

map's rotation, or a multi-map campaign, the player's experience level will reset to 0.

A player's personal performance is evaluated based on

  • Objective completion

  • Kills ( Total )

  • Sneak attack( Instant knife kill from rear)

NOTE: Evaluation parameters not complete!

Once a player reaches level ten, they will not build up any more xp, however, they will tally a point for each of the above criteria. For every three points, they will earn an extra life.


mg_blitz - objective and team elimination


*A. Move able Physics Props( 36x64x36 Units minimum in Hammer, dynamic cover for players )

NOTE: Above Dimensions not set in stone!


1.Bleeding Icon

If a player is hurt by an explosion, bullet or slash they will

start losing health every 5 seconds ( bleeding ) An Icon appears

on-screen until the player stops and bandages it, or the bleeding

will automatically stop if the player's health goes below 10.

2. Round Timer

The Amount of time left in the current round.

3. Team Scores

Displays Team Scores on HUD.

4. Health

Displays current HP.

5. Armor

Displays kevlar/helmet integrity.

6. Stamina

Displays current Stamina.

7. Crosshair

Aiming Reticle.

8. Spawn Area

Displays Icon if you are in your spawn.

9. Target/Objective

Displays Icon Marking your current Target or Objective. Shows over everything

else based on world coordinates

11. Ammo/Reserves

Displays ammo amount for current gun, as well as grenades and projectiles.

12. Level Overview

If present, will display map of level in top left corner.



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