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Desert Zone 76 Development Update #4 - New and updated assets and signage.

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Hey welcome to Desert Zone 76 4th Development Update.

As I mentioned last month about progress on the new car park well that is nearly finished now except for general polish and refinement needed.

Updated Environment Assets:

Traffic and street lights had to be redesigned due to both models being too detailed and crashed the game. So I have created new low poly models for traffic and street lights which means I can place lots of them into the game without worrying about crashing the game.

Traffic Light:

Editor 2015 11 27 17 31 32 74

Street Lights:

Editor 2015 11 27 17 32 13 35 1

New Environment Assets:

Laser Beams:

I have placed laser beams around the night level map and they work nicely because a player can view the beams from a large distance while driving at night time.


Gas Station 5:

A new gas station was created which now brings the current gas station count to 5.

Now it’s a case of adding individual branding to each station:

  • Name
  • Signage

I'm adding this detail because I want to make each station unique and have a sense of history.

station 5

Naming Gas Station Ideas:

  • Gas Station 1: Desertland (Oil Products)
  • Gas Station 2: Dusty Fuels
  • Gas Station 3: Futuristic Fuels
  • Gas Station 4: Arcade Oil
  • Gas Station 5: 70’s Fuel


Creating and adding new signs to the game which are an important aspects of the game. Over the last month I have created around 10 new signs for the game. I have showed some of the signs below which are textured and almost finished.

Editor 2015 11 27 17 46 20 92

Editor 2015 11 27 17 43 31 59

Editor 2015 11 27 17 45 24 73

Car Storage:

I have created outdoor car storage which is quite an old way to hold cars. This model can hold up to 11 cars which is quite large. I could also create smaller car storage models for different parts of the desert.

Editor 2015 11 27 20 45 30 68

Well, that’s all I have for this month. Tune in next month for more development updates.

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Love the colours in this

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