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Unknown virus infects 87% of all living forms. The planet becomes lifeless. You are the one of endangered species - human. You must do some really MAD things to survive - from eating of raw meat to betrayal and even cannibalism! There is no mercy in this cruel world - humanity is wild and degraded.

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What will the game be present from it self?
It is survival in large open post apocalyptic world, which is filled with the uncountable list of dangerous and adventures, beginning from battles with a zombie and mutants to full-scale war groupments.

There is no direct plotin the game, the game is fully not linear and can be passed by different methods, there is only target- to remember everything. World Indef is packed with a huge number of quests, characters and different tasks, that it will not give you to feel miserable during passing of the game

Gameplay is very various and is not second-rate. One of the key chips of the game is stealth. As in this game it is so easy to die of one zombie and sometimes it is not at all possible to make the attack from after deficit of the equipment in the game, you will have secretively passed locations, hidden in bushes, houses and other places not to incite the enemy.

The fight with the zombie is not always predictable. Zombies can shout to attract attention to their others, more rapid and dangerous zombie. Alone with a large number of zombies you can not cope.

The leveling of skills of personage takes places depending on your playing actions. If you will carry many a lot of ammunition in your backpack that in course of time your limit of carrying from place to place will increase. If you prefer more little luggage and rapid moving, then skill will be pumped then adroitness. And so with all the characteristics.

In the game also there is a chance to get illness(rheum, cought etc.), if you do not to treat them illness can develop and contest with it there will be problematic that with ordinary.

You'll have to search for a very rare medicines to cure severe disease or buy them for a very high price to stay alive.

And also because of the rather big cost of food in some cases you'll have to hunt wild animals and go fishing. You will need to carefully roast thoroughly recieved meat so that you don't get infected. If you would not fry meat well, you will het helminths, which are difficult to treat. And at worst you'll be infected and later turn into zombie.

Because of own interest and views of groups in game, will occur conflicts. You can join one of the groups to recieve good equipment and food. But you'll have to fully protect the interests of group and fight with others. But you can stay up to neutrality and have a neutral attitude with everybody.

The game will be included by a lot of different ambient tracks. It certainly complete the gloomy atmosphere of the post apocalypse and at some point will gave a horror element.

Gaming platforms
The game will be avaliable on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Mobile version won't have any difference, so it means that you can play on mobile and computer without any restriction. To be short, Cross-Platform Multiplayer. Gamepad support will be avaliable as well.

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