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So I decided to write a lot more. There is a lot more to discuss. So lets get started! In here Ill go over some ideas Ive been working with, As well as what to expect in the future. There is also an important video. As well as some new ScreenShots.

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Hello Everyone!
So I decided to write a lot more. There is a lot more to discuss. So lets get started!

Title Screen
Im going to put my new HOWTOPLAY video here, I was going to put it into the prior article but it didnt really fit. I haven’t used it in an article and no one has seen it yet. So here it is:

First off, I am pretty happy with how things are going! I am currently working on balancing, menus, and animations. Look for them in future videos! I will get into it…

The Assault Rifle is now used more for moving and shooting, and its stats reflect that. The LMG is really good for taking a corridor that is full of bugs. And the Minigun Mx134 Is unstoppable at holding position. With sub roles of short term holding for the rifle, running and gunning for LMG, and a slow powerful march of death by the minigun, all the guns are now suited for many different playtypes.

  1. New Minigun

Now, the intimidation modifiers are in place. While im not going into detail about how it works, I will say how it can be used.

New Double Barrel

Lets say you have a large swarm of Dross. Ones who are skirting around your soldiers not quite committed to a fight. But they are in the way and ready to attack as soon as they see weakness. (This happens a lot) Well, Rushing them with the Double Barrel may once have been an easy way to a quick death, but not anymore. Now since it makes such a BANG, the bugs will flee from it (based on math and number modifiers) and funnel towards other targets. This works rather well if for example, That target is slow, and has the Inferno Flamethrower. This will cook all the bugs that were once in the way.

Next thing is working on Herding. Ill get into that later. Its something to do with the late game ARC Rifle tho. And Grenades.

New Plasma

I am struggling actually with the plasma Rifle as its getting a low usage rate. It works too similarly to the Assault Rifle. There are a few ideas im thinking of. Ways that I can fix it and make it not only unique but fun to pick and play.

Red Heavy Texture almost done

What I want is to show how BADASS the WARDOGS are. They are the supreme, the best fighting team money can buy. They are not afraid of the Dross, nor are they surprised how bloody this battle has become. They need to be introduced in every level with rocking music. On the Battlefield, even in the claustrophobic corridors of the RASARA, they COMMAND and bend the battle to their will. And YOU command them.
So im working on that.

Level work

Thinking about it, theres a lot going on in my head about how things will be. I need to make this a reality, soon. We just need to keep at it



Wow! what engine do you use to make this game ?

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Salt. Author

We are using UNITY

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