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Its been almost 2 years in the making, but Team Derelict plans to have a demo ready for everyone in the new year, January 1st. For PC, Mac and iOS Testers

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Half way through the month... Time is ticking fast!

Things are going smoothly. Everything is labeled when it needs to be finished. I cannot wait for stuff sometimes!

Most of the art is complete, and I am now starting on the story art. This art will be for a few levels each, so they have been put off... Till now

Programming is going well. We are all busy since its near the holidays. So things are going really well, all things considered.

As we said we plan to release a desktop demo for everyone to test! It will contain several different levels, lots of guns, and lots of bugs! Haha, most likely both types of bugs... Dross and, you know, actual errors with it haha

I hope you all look forward to seeing it! In the mean time, enjoy your holidays!

We have New:
The Heavy Armor is now in the game
The Light Armor is now in the game
Been working on the Ai, Theres a new video to show it off
Miniguns are very awesome
Lots of new art
Additional soldier ranks are in the game

We plan to have all the guns working soon
New Gui and Loadout screen in the works

The Big Dross still needs some love :(

As always, beta testers will have recieved their update email. PM me if interested in the beta, I have a key or two (Show great interest and If you really want to try it out, let us know!)

So just open your testflight app and install the newest version to see the cool stuff

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Demo imminent!

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Just my 2 cents, but perhaps you should change the doors to only play their sound effect if they are on screen, it gets a little repetitive hearing a bunch of doors that aren't even visible. Cool game either way! :)

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yes, they currently can be heard throughout the level. It gets pretty noisy!

I will fix this now. It's on the todo list, should be a quick fix


Oh, and we havent stopped working on the demo. Maybe a few more hours of work. We are bug hunting

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To everyone hoping for a demo right away,

We are hard at work finishing everything for the desktop demo. During this time we have found and squashed several game breaking bugs.

We finish, and then test, and then theres another thing to do!

We are burning the candle on both ends getting this done asap. I will keep you informed.
Sorry for the delay

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