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Demon's Gear v0.4.3 has been released with both zip and 7zip versions.

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v0.4.3 Changelog


  1. Fixed incorrect weapon textures sometimes showing
  2. Fixed bots sometimes not attacking
  3. Fixed wall slide animation not facing away from walls
  4. Fixed Blackout Shot effect not covering whole screen
  5. Fixed players not joining with full Health
  6. Fixed characters sticking to each other like walls
  7. Fixed dead characters remaining solid objects
  8. Fixed bots targeting dead characters
  9. Fixed player’s selected match settings affecting matches already under way
  10. Fixed erratic Lightning Bolt behaviour by making them destroy on player contact
  11. Fixed characters spawning in occupied areas
  12. Fixed unreasonable bot attack rates/frequency (particularly melee)
  13. Fixed mana being drained when attacking before the round begins
  14. Mana is now deducted on mouse down, as opposed to mouse up.
  15. Put a kill barrier around the map
  16. Added Credits page
  17. Added hint on how to close controls page
  18. Added last used IP address is remembered
  19. Added limit to number of bots
  20. Added some initial metric collection with Lumos
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