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This week the Demolition Island team got to work polishing and juicing the game. Let's checkout what is new and what we plan to include for our final release next week!

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This week has been a week of small tweaks and polishing for the Demolition Island team. Here are the changes that have been added this week:


  • Players begin the game at the same spot. We hope that this will causes more players to player interaction along with removing any advantages that come with flag or pickup locations.
  • You can now dynamically set before the game how long players need to hold the flag and how much of a point boost fire hoops give players.
  • New in game text! A clearer and more easy to read in game text has been added to the tutorial.
  • New voice acting! We worked with a voice actor this week to add in some specific in game phrases to notify players what is going on.
  • UI revamp! We updated the UI by removing the health bar and incorporating the score bar into the compass view. We hope this make the users HUD less cluttered and helps users see what their score is much easier.
  • Rocket targeting updates! See a laser and crosshairs lock indicate your opponent when you have a lock on them.
  • New win scene! After a victory stunt on your opponents in the new victory scene.
  • BUG FIXES!!! Much smoother and less buggy game overall.


Last week we worked really hard to get all in game features into our game and to find a balance within the gameplay. This week our goal was just to clean the game and make the game feel a lot better to play. Much of what we added to the game is considered juice. The new text font, in game announcer, UI changes, and rocket targeting changes were al added to make the game feel more fun and exciting to play.

What to look forward to:

In the upcoming weeks the team looks forward cleaning up the game and fixing any bugs that may persist form this week. We additionally plan on working with our composer to get a soundtrack for the game. We are also going to brainstorm how we can limit text within the tutorial and ready up scene to make that part of the game a bit more fun!

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