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Through The City Demo Release Article. Concept Arts. Voice Actors role reprisal and chapter 1 release.

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Hello it’s Kajlo here!

It has been 7 months since the last article and a lot has happened since then! I’m still working on the mod as a whole thing but I think I will be releasing newversions chapter by chapter. Just in case I pushed the mod release date to 2024 now, more time will be needed for polishing

All chapters that will appear

Chapter 1

The Awoken is going to be an introduction to this mod, Adrian Shephard gets out of G-Man’s stasis and is presented to the occupied Earth.

Intro Trainstation

Underground Trainstation

City 17 Street

Chapter 2

New Enemy will give a better vision of the uprising; Rebels fighting the combine, Striders destroying buildings and more of that. One of the main characters from the previous storyline Ryan will explain his plan on escaping the city, both him and the player needs to get to the Citadel’s Control Room. (A scene that was in Director’s Cut)

Industrial site

City 17 during the Uprising

Citadel Control Room

Chapter 3

Unknown Infectionis where the game will start to showcase more of new content, you’ll end up in an infested dead zone of City 17, an area that will straight give you Ravenholm vibes. Player will have to turn on the power of a train that will let Ryan and Shephard leave City 17, just around the corner the main antagonist of the mod will be introduced.

Abandonned Train Tunnel


Chapter 4

Alien Reptile is a chapter where you will meet Rockie, a Race – X survivor who has negative opinion about Shephard but will have to team up with him, the Player will end up fighting with a more upgraded version of the Strider.

dark tunnels

Rockie in undergrounds


Chapter 5

Overwatch Reinforcement. This part of the game will be set far from City 17 and the Player will have to sneak inside a combine fortress that is being managed by the main antagonist of the mod, a lot of plot mystery is going to be revealed at that part.

Overwatch Reinforcement

Chapter 6

Endgame. Not much to say about it, you will be fighting the final boss and get the final cutscene.

New rewritten story will be still improved further.

New arts done by Skwallie

Overwatch Reinforcement Entrance

Overwatch Reinforcement Concept Art

Olivia Burned Face

Olivia Burned Face

Voice Actors role reprisal

Two of the original voice actors from Half-Life have been kind of enough to lend their voices to this mod and reprise their roles! That being Lani Minella and Harry S. Robins! Special thanks to our casting director, voice actor - Ronald Hamrák for making this happen!

Colette Green

Lani Minella is the original voice of Dr. Colette Green in Half-Life: Decay. Lani will be reprising the role in TTC and her character will explain events that happened after Decay.

An HD model variant of Colette Green has been created for the mod too

Colette Green HD Variant

Infected Zombie concept art and 3D model

Model of the infected zombie are in 3D model, an enemy that will appear in chapter 3

Skwallie's Zombie Art

Kajlo's Infected Zombie

Destroyer concept art and 3D model

Destroyer is a more mechanical and bigger variant of the original Strider, one of the bosses that will appear in Chapter 4

Skwallie's Destroyer Concept Art

Destroyer Render 1

Destroyer Render 2

Destroyer Render 3

Shock Trooper concept art and 3D model

A dead Shock Trooper which’s body can be used by an other entity in the future....

Skwallie's Shock Trooper

Shock Trooper Render 1

Shock Trooper Render 2

Weapon showcase

new models and some animations/re-animations some of the custom weapons in the mod that were shown in the previous media update in the screenshots, this time I’m presenting a video of these animations

Chapter 1 complete and demo release

The first chapter of the mod is complete and playtested, worked hard on this to be as best as it can be, that is why I’m giving everyone the opportunity to play it. Special thanks again to the professional voice actors who were kind enough to lend their voices to Chapter 1 of TTC! - Lani Minella, Harry S. Robins, Corey Cruise.

Last Words

I’m very thankful for your continuous support on the mod and stay tuned for more info in the future!

Discord Server -


- Ronald Hamrak for helping with writing the article.

- Skwallie for all of the Concept Arts

Sincerely, Kajlo


Impressive work, looks like the levels have gotten a bit if an overhaul too!

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I like this you're really setting your project apart with taking all these interesting takes on existing and brand new stuff.
The Shock trooper looks great as well. is it based on existing model proportions/ animations ore are you making them all from the ground up?
Good work and good luck in further development.

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Fantastic work on this so far! Definitely giving the demo a try ASAP! 😺

I like your rendition of the OP4 Shock Trooper, kind of reminds me of Tor from Sven Co-op in terms of it's physique (and it wielding a staff).

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This is looking crazy! Playing the demo asap

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