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Release dates of demos of the Oot RP project. There are currently 3 known dates of the future demo release and description on each one.

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Just for the people who want to know when the demo is release, it won't be 1.5 years (No offensive).

Upcoming Demos:

  • Date: Very soon!
  • Name: Torque Engine OotRP Test (Hyrule Field)
  • Player model: Built-In Torque Engine
  • Description: You'll be moving around the exact exported model of Hyrule Field (possibly bad textures but reason below). This is a simple person moving around on Hyrule Field.
  • Reason: I just need feedback from the community if there is an error thus leading it to a Torque 3D Game Engine related problem. I need to do this first so I won't start with small problems that grow over time.

-----------Possibly one in between-------------

  • Date: September 5, 2010
  • Name: Major Oot Hyrule Map
  • Player model: Built-In Torque Engine
  • Description: It will contain all exterior maps of Oot and most likely background music. (Hopefully I fixed all textures and master teleports by then.
  • Reason: Its my birthday and hopefully I add extra goody stuff.

-------------Most likely get an update in between--------

  • Date: December (24?), 2010
  • Name: Major Christmas Package update
  • Player model: Built-In Torque Engine or Young Link (if not Young Link then right after this)
  • Description: (If didn't accomplished last time, will most definitely fix textures and master teleports) Will have all dungeon interiors and possibly buildings.
  • Reason: Its almost or is Christmas!

After this (2011) or between one of the packages, the following will happen:

  • * Young Link as Player model (With full animation)
  • * Young Link Swimming animation
  • * Epona (Ridable pony[eek sounds weird])
  • * Full Hi-def retexture of OotRP, see here -Hi-Res
  • * Custom Maps
  • * Choose your own player model
  • * Edit your player model
  • * Etc [Insert imagination here]...

This will be updated daily since this project is new, thus leading it to a very active start.
If your one of those people who would like to help, answer the polls on the forum. - I'll try to update them once in a while.

Please Join the Forums. It just simply inspires me to work harder and lets me know what the community wants. I have this ongoing determination thanks from the inspiration of Zelda World but I need more inspiration to go even farther (I currently inspire myself by looping a whole soundtrack of Zelda Music. Sad isn't, but it works.)

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