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New demo release date, music and voice acting.

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June 28th has become an unattainable goal, because the main mapping computer has bitten the dust. All the files are okay, but the computer is toast. The release date has been moved to the 8th of July. It's still moving along smoothly though, and I mean up until this point we've hit no roadblocks, so having one but bad roadblock is pretty good in my opinion.

We're really happy to announce that all the music for this mod will be done by Phantom Phantom, an indie-punk band out of a small town in Ontario, Canada.

Finally, the voice acting. I want to applaud the extremely talented voice actors for their dedication to the assignment here. For this being a non-paying gig, with a tremendous amount of work, they're still extremely determined and passionate about making this dream come to life.

I guess that's all for now.

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