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I made some progress with gameplayfunctions in Beams and want to share it.

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Hello @ll,

i want to share some progress with Beams i made and giving a hint, about planned Demo contest (win cash).
Here is a screenshot from a laser barrier, with controlstation / switch / console.

You need some sort of key to interact with them, i call them datablocks.
Different Datablocks drive different events, switching stuff, or powering it / disabling it.
For now it is an easy colorbased system, like in doom 1 with RGB Keys / doors.


Here a short gameplayvideo about disabling a laser barrier :)
The sounds are placeholders for me, to check dataflow / event triggering and yes they are weird.
The final sounds from me will be even more weird, be prepared.
But it is planned to support different soundsettings, to limit the pain for the player. ^^
The Audio is from Milkyway Outcast again and he will create some more stuff, special for Beams i heard.

Here some additional info about the planned Demo contest.

I am setting up a small level with a visible countdown.
Reach the target destination quick as possible.
Screenshot taken with counter in view, post it in the forum.
Contest entered.
Win amazon voucher or paysafecard code.


Here some BG stuff :)


i am a bit confused about this "archived" article state.
Never know, should i edit archived one, or create fresh one.
Open for suggestions.

Kind regards

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