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Within the next few days you will be able to take a short trip aboard the UAV Typhon. 2 player Co-Op included.

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A demo for Typhon will be released (most likely) Sunday. I feel that there is enough depth in the gameplay to show. It is anywhere from a 15 minute playthrough to a 25+ minute playthrough -depending how much exploring you do. Or maybe you just didn't find the necessary gear to actually find all the secrets!

There is already a lot of different situations and locations. Not all areas or "side quests" are essential to finishing. But you will be rewarded for exploring, as there are many secret areas and rare items to find. It plays like a roguelite survival horror, as the items and monsters are fairly random, within a certain set group for specific areas. This makes it highly replayable, and different playthroughs may allow you to find areas that you couldn't access in previous attempts. Co-op starts for 2 players are included.

I am excited to share this project's demo with all of you, i truly believe that it will be well received!

Keep watching this weekend!

Premo36 - - 86 comments

Cool, looking forward to the demo!

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TRUDADDY - - 36 comments

It just went live! Enjoy!

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