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Hello and welcomne to the 4th Devblog of Delta City.

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Hello and welcomne to the 4th Devblog of Delta City

whole new map Finished, Delta City Underground

Preview of the almost Finished Shop System, you will Kill NPCs or do objectives and get money for it wich is used to buy weapons, medkits, ammo, armor, food, drinks etc..

Testing New Weapons (ignore background sound)

Screenshot of the "Delta City Zoo" Map wich features Rare Animals to fight that escpaed

Screenshot of the Fighting Map 2 including old Houseblocks and a Trainstation, still alot WIP

Fighting place of the Zorg (Borg Copy) that want to setup a Communication Array to call for Backup

The "" Building on the Redlight District

The "Redlight District" including Drug Shops, Tabledance Bar, Abandoned Shops, Spaceport, Building and Homeless Shelters, features alot of advertisement in Red Neon

Delta City Town District including the Cafe of the 80s, Weapon Shops, Armor Shops, Hospital, Police Station, Flying Ships, Spaceport, Hospital, Administration, Fuel Shop and much more.

Delta City Police Station Server Room

Delta City Police Station Briefing Room

what do we currently Require?


for coding needs check this file to see if ur up for it. ->


Fix a Model that has correct animationsd but still wont fire weapons

Fix 2 or 3 Model that have broken Origins and sit halfway under the floor


I recognize the Quake 4 hyperblaster, cool.

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Heffernan Author

thx :)

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