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2 reasons for delay: one short term one long term both bad

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Ok lets start off with the short term: I have a horrible chest infection (meant to post this 2 days ago but i was so ill) so until i recover i cant work on the project as my screen and keyboard will be wrecked with mucus and other internal stuff that comes out when you have the cough from the green mile.

Long term and far more serious: my parents are most likely splitting up, i dont want to go into details, but its bad, im having an internal debate whether to call the police or not, but its bad. but because of this i cant continue work because im so worried and upset about all of this, and this could be permanent as i wont have all of my belongings when/if my parents split up, both of them together, sure, but separate, im gonna lose so much of my stuff, not to mention my beloved pets will have their lives ruined and might be re-homed.

but basically no more work will be done on this any time soon and i apologize to those of you who were expecting some good news some time soon. bye~

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