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Portal Taste The Cake Demo has been delayed. We are sorry for this news.

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We at Master Inc. are very sorry for the delay of Portal Taste The Cake. A minor bug has come to our attention within the first map, but as minor as it is, it completely defeats the purpose of the ... in the first map, since ... covers up the ... in which you use to ... ... ... to .... This delay is not major, but it will take us some time to find out the problem and to fix it. Also, this will give us time to make either a trailer or other bonuses that we were not planning on releasing with the mini-demo.

Also, on a side note, Portal Taste The Cake will not release pictures or videos until after one week after the release to allow players the chance to download the mod and play through part of it.

Please note that this mod is not a normal mod. This mod will be released in sections, as an example, this first "demo" is more of chapter one, yet there are not chapters. Also, there are going to be note just 19 chambers as in Portal, but will rather be released in either 10 to 15 chambers a piece, depending on if the player has learned the material within the game. As a spoiler, the next section of the mod after the demo will be to learn a massive amount of information, only giving two chambers of dedicated puzzles to allow players to memorize what different "Fields" or "Boundary Boxes" as shown in the images, different types of buttons since larger chambers will have multiple, and many different advanced pieces of Aperture Science technology.


where i can download it

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