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Delay on models due to issues exporting; info on gameplay and story

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The current x.m3 exporter is having issues converting the model, and all of the models end up with flying vertices. Because of this, I can't really get any assets to work ingame because the model is extremely distorted and it's really distracting.

So I am going to start working on either modifying or creating a new exporter so that my models will work; or wait NiNtoxinsomething (I'm sorry, I can never remember his name) to come out with a version that fixes whatever it is that is going wrong. This will likely take some time to complete, as Blizzard has again succeeded in making things as complicated as possible. They spared no expense, it seems, in making these complications not only possible, but almost guaranteed.

So in the meantime I am going to work on that, and will try to modify current working models to suit my needs until the exporter works as best I can.

As for the gameplay, as I believe I can do most of what I want, it will be fairly similar to Gears of War. Unless I get a C&D, in which case I am describing it as similar to Gears of War, but it will not be Gears of War at all (but really it would be kind of obvious where the origin of it is so I figure I might as well give them credit instead of making a half assed knock off story to accommodated) The game is designed to play more like an RPG, though. The design of the game is around a mostly open world. The players can go where they want and hold up somewhere if desired, but I am going to attempt to encourage movement through a series of side missions in survival mode. The story mode kind of requires you to move for the game to progress.

The mod is set in the Gears of War universe, however it does not tie in with the series' storyline.

The game is a third person shooter. Players can choose between survival mode and story mode. In survival mode, the game plays essentially like most other survival games, where there are waves that progressively increase in strength. However instead of waves, it will basically be mostly nonstop with timeout intervals. The difficulty will be based on how well the players are doing, and will be adjusted accordingly (i.e. the game will not be as hard if half the people leave. Likewise, it will be easy if a bunch of new players are in the game, and harder if everyone playing is good). Wretches will run around the city, and call for backup if they find you. There will be random side missions that players can complete for rewards, such as helping a group of NPC's get out of the area, or a unit of Gears looking for a downed King Raven.

I am hoping to figure out a way to make emergence holes work, and have a fairly good idea as to how, however haven't tested it. I have a somewhat working cover system, and the mantel system moves the object but then sometimes glitches and then it gets stuck. But the third person camera works alright and the WASD controls seem fairly effective. I haven't tried it in yet, however from what I gather I will need to figure out a different control mechanism, such as mapping the controls to abilities, because there is an inherent delay of about a tenth of a second. There may be a way to reduce lag and delay (there was in Warcraft), so there may be a way to circumvent it (once again, way to go Blizzard).

I will have some videos of the WIP soon. I'm trying to smooth everything out a little more, as it all feels a little too blocky right now and I don't wanna show it.

The story mode revolves around the evacuation of the area in preparation of glassing the Locust. I have not completed the entire storyline yet, but I expect it to take around an hour to play through.

Please post any questions or comments.


damn it, i hate it when a complication arises, but i guess theres no such things as no problems, althought what you have done so far is excellent, kepp it up :)

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Varine Author

Thank you. I'm still hoping for it to be done this summer. I can do most everything without using my models and animations, it's just not very pretty and I don't want to show it as a product unless it I have to as I take an amount of pride in my work. Plus no one will know what's going on really, as it just looks a bunch of SCII models doing weird things.

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