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Initial overview of the project and where it is headed!

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Oh God How Did I Get Here
Ok, well now I'm finally here on IndieDB! Defend the Darkness(DtD) is a tower defence game I've been working on for quite a while now. I'm still working quite a bit on the code and mechanics (which takes a while since I'm not a coder) but am now finally starting on some art assets. My favourite tower defence game would have to be Dungeon Defenders and I'm really trying to recreate the enjoyment I had playing that game.


DtD is a tower defence game, so expect to use a variety of turrets to fight waves of enemies walking through different paths. Events will happen before/after after waves that can change the way the level moves forward, ie: new areas to place turrets, turrets are destroyed/locked, guarding allies until they reach a safe zone, etc. A new addition of spells have added more variety and interaction to the game as well.

Visual Style

I love horror monsters but instead of going with them being the bad guys, they are in fact the good guys. This sets up some interesting ideas for human villagers, priests, and knights being bad guys, while zombies and spirits are "good" guys. The game will be almost a mix between N64 blocky graphics and the next generations graphics that followed it, all with hand painted textures.

Where Is This Headed?
My plan for the game is to finish a one level demo, gauge how I feel about it, then possibly add more levels until it is a complete game. That's a long ways away, but the ground work is all laid out.

At the time of writing, the main focus of development is art assets to flesh out the visuals a bit; nothing final but some WIP stuff.

More Junk + Playable Demo!
Check out my devblog here:
As well as a playable demo here:

Until next time~

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