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Work is progressing smoothly on Balzu with 56 completed exterior cells and over 8000 hand-placed objects.

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Durs, the world of Balzu now boasts 56 completed exterior cells and over 8000 hand-placed objects (trees, rocks, flora, clutter, etc.) These lush environments have extensively hand-tweaked pathing so that NPCs, animals and other creatures can explore their environments intelligently and surprise the player by appearing in unexpected places, pathing between and over large rocks, through thickly treed forests and across fords.

Several custom meshes and Mr. Siika's farm animals help to complete the environment and make the late medieval farmsteads feel like real farms. Many more custom meshes, flora, and ingredients are also planned and will see development shortly.

The Enhanced AI component of Balzu has been going through a bit of a redesign as I learn more about the intricacies of OBSE scripting. This is going to be, by far, the hardest component of Balzu to implement, but I believe it is fully achievable and will add immensely to the immersiveness of the mod. A complete page of content describing the AI overhaul can be found on the mod's homepage at truancyfactory. com.


Wow what you're doing with the AI sytem sounds so great man, I wish you all the luck in the world with this. I've always been awful at scripting :P

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Yithian Author

Thanks, I may need it. I have several pages of notes describing various implementation details on my private wiki and some of the components have been tested in isolation but the entire system has to work together as a unit...and large script overhauls like this are always filled with surprises. :)

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