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Our December Update on the production of the mod and what you can expect from me in the next couple of weeks/months.

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December Update

Well it has been sometime since i've actually bought you an update on the mods status. There isnt really much to update you on, and not many screenshots either but i just wanted to contact you just to let you know whats been going on with the mod and how i plan to set production up for the Christmas Period.

I have completed the Unit List for the First Release, some of these units may not appear in the 1st release but will surely be in the 2nd release. Below is the Unit List:


Columbia Class Battlestars
Mercury Class Battlestars
Talos Class Battlestar
Valkyrie Class Battlestars
Valor Class Battlestars
Sirius Class Strikestar
Vega Class Strikestar
Tiger Class Strikestar
Bezerk Class Fleet Supporter
Defender Class Firestar
Cyngus Class Firestar
Viper MK2 Squadrons
Viper MK7 Squadrons
Raptor MK1 Squadrons
Raptor MK2 Squadrons
Blackbird Stealth Squadron
Stealthstar Stealth Squadron

Ships from the Fleet will also be included

Hero Units
Commander William Adama - Battlestar Galactica
Admiral Helena Cain - Battlestar Pegasus
Lee "Apollo" Adama - Blue Squadron
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace - Gold Squadron
Sharon "Boomer" Valerri - Advanced Raptor Squadron
President Roslin - Colonial One
???? - Battlestar Columbia
???? - Battlestar Valkyrie
Admiral Nagala - Battlestar Atlantia

Cylon Units
Hades MK1 Class Basestars
Hades MK2 Class Basestar
Hades MK3 Class Basestar
Worldstar Basestar Class
Patrolstar MK1 Class
Fury Class Attackstar
Chimaeia Class Basestar
Hydra Class Basestar
Guardian Basestar
Attackstar MK1 Class
Max Class Support Craft
Cylon Resurrection Ship
Cylon Resurrection Hub
Cylon Download Ship
Cylon Light Raider Squadron (TOS)
Cylon Raider Squadron(RDM)
Cylon Heavy Raider Squadron
Cylon Stealth Raider Squadron

Hero Units
Number 1 - John Cavil
Number 2 - Leoben Conoy
Number 3 - D'anna Biers
Number 4 - Simon O'Neill
Number 5 - Aron Doral
Number 6
Number 8 - Sharon Valerri

Final Five
Samuel Anders
Galen Tyrol
Saul Tigh
Tory Foster
Ellen Tigh

All Units will be added into the game as Space Hero units and a full ground set of units will be released at a later date.

Before we can actually release the mod, we need to finalise ever aspect of it. We dont want people coming back complaing about different things because they wernt canon to Battlestar Galactica. Still left on the list to be tweaked are the following:

  • Weapon and Explosion Effects
  • Galactic Conquest Coding and Events
  • Re-Mapping Space Maps
  • Re-Rigging Current Models

Once these have been completed or near completation i will then advertise for 4-5 Beta Testers who will recieve the mod for testing inside out, upside down.

I am setting myself a time schedule of about End of January for this mods completation, i will hopefully make this date and bring you some more frequent updates in the coming months.

I am yes working alone on this mod and will accept help from anyone who wants to give it, our forums can now be located at Alpha Blue on this link:




I like :)

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dude this is frigin awesome, one thing, would u be able to use the map editor to make a 'class photo' of each faction, showing all there large ships next to each other, sorta like i did, thatd rock, possbily 24hrs before the release...

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