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Mystic Penguin games announce their first title - and you'd have to be insane in the Membrain to miss this one.

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Mystic Penguin games have announced their first game, Membrain: a first person puzzle platformer developed with Unreal Engine 4, where you build your own solutions to the puzzles - if you can't cross a gap, then you can enter the level editing mode and place down a block, a jump pad, or more. Think of each level as a 3D jigsaw, with lots of missing pieces, and you're on your way to discovering exactly what the game is about.

It's set in a virtual world - the titular Membrain. The story revolves around AANI (Another Artificial Networking Interface), an intriguing and friendly bot who helps the main character - PROTO - to discover the deepest secrets of this strange world. You'll switch between these characters' viewpoints for level editing and first person movement respectively.

The level editing is achieved in real-time, with changes to the world staying in place as you progress through each level. Throughout the game, you'll be introduced to world-altering pads - Jump, Blink, Launch, and more - as well as other mechanics which can be placed in the level to either help the characters progress, move cubes around, or solve some tricky puzzles.


You have the freedom to place these mechanics anywhere they want in each level, with many puzzles having multiple solutions, though there will be a limited amount of resources to spend, with each mechanic having a resource cost to place down. Therefore, it is up to you to find a correct solution without expending all of their resources.


- Edit levels while you play, to aid with platforming or solve puzzles.
- Several different types of world-altering pads and blocks to utilise across 50 levels.
- Time attack challenge mode where the quickest solutions matter.
- A colourful and mysterious virtual world as the backdrop for the story.
- Carefully manage your given resources and mechanics to find the solution in each level.

Membrain will launch in early 2016 for PC at first, with other platforms TBA. You can support our Steam Greenlight campaign here. Please vote for us!

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