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A variety of questions that nobody's asked (yet) but I'm answering regardless. Also contains some short gameplay.

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Hey all! I'm here to give some stuff I'd like to say before I really begin working on this mod and eventually showing off some progress. (Yes, I've been working a lot on this mod for a few months now - there's just still a lot for me to do!)

Mostly, this is a sort of FAQ for those who are curious about some very simple things not really mentioned yet.

So... what really is DEBUG'D?
DEBUG'D is a Source mod in the works about a player such as yourself exploring game projects left in the dust, and reporting back to a lab with your findings. You are accompanied by a little rascal that seems to know a lot more about the game than anyone else, and he helps you in and out of strange situations. Each chapter is a new game explored, and is a real project of my own that was indeed never finished, now brought into Source and found by you.

How many chapters will there be in this mod?
Initially, the demo will have 2 chapters, however if I get enough support I may make it the first 4. The full mod will have 10+ chapters.
The chapters will flow in a full 4-chaptered demo release like this;
Bubbles > SPOOKER-55 > FRAGMENT_01" width="450" height="210" />

What's the real genre of the mod?
It's a mixed bag. You will experience platformers, FPS, and puzzle games the most, however there will be some other elements such as a lot of character dialogue and interaction. It might even be considered a collectathon as you will be "collecting" NPCs throughout the game.

Release date?!??
No. I will not be giving out release dates as I am stuck in the mindset that release dates only cause issues within both a fanbase and a team (nevermind practically one person!). However, I may give estimates on how long certain developments will take and will only post release dates once I am already close to releasing.

Who's working on this, anyway?
Me (TheSinkBoy)! I am creating almost everything for this mod as of now (art, custom models, music, characters, maps, etc). I have various friends working on voice acting however, and they will be credited on debut. I also will mention that this mod is running on Mapbase! Big thanks to those who are working on it.

Show some gameplay!
Okay :D

Feel free to ask about anything here as well, and I will try to respond with what I can.

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