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Hello again! Just in time for the holidays, we’re excited to release our 1.2 update. A lot to go over here, but before we get started we want to thank everyone who’s played Debris. We’ve really taken your feedback seriously, here on Steam, on YouTube, and on Twitch. We’re doing a lot of things differently with Debris and your feedback has really helped us improve the game.

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More to see

While Debris is a narrative game, we want players to explore some of the more hidden reaches of our cave network. To do this we’ve added secret areas, a bunch of achievements, given Ryan a serviceable torch and tweaked the Squid’s AI so it stays with you more persistently (“Over here, Sonya!”).


There are now 21 achievements for you to unlock by reaching certain endings, finding hidden areas, making it through sequences without taking damage and more!

Dive into ALTA’s archives

We’ve added over 60 secret ALTA transcripts and messages that tell the deeper story behind the company and the debris. Unlock the archives by discovering 24 hidden areas scattered throughout the game.


New creature: Arctic Char

This unassuming fish lives in pods dominated by a single alpha. Where the alpha goes, they go. What the alpha attacks, they attack. But if the alpha disappears, they fall into confusion and disarray. The char are the stars of the completely rebuilt Chapter 12.


Balance changes

  • More light! We’ve made significant changes to the tool’s flare mode and flares in general. When flare mode is selected, it emits a lot more light and can serve as a short-range torch. Flares also emit more light when fired.
  • More responsive Squid AI. The Squid will process debris much faster, stick closer to Ryan and react to creature attacks.
  • Smarter wolf fish. We’ve made wolf fish smarter and more dynamic. If you shoot a wolf fish, it will alert the whole group. We’ve also increased their attack range once alerted.
  • Major level rebalancing. We’ve made big changes to the Chapter 4 (Power) and Chapter 14 (Deep) based on user feedback and completely rebuilt Chapter 12 (Char, previously Desert).


Player controls

Buoyancy controls are here! Spacebar to go up and C (or N) to go down. Controllers use the bumpers or control stick buttons. See the full keyboard/controller mappings here. Unfortunately, we could not fit in full control remapping in this update.

Bug fixes

  • Added missing heat-distortion effect to debris.
  • Added missing sound effect to the Squid’s debris processing.
  • Got rid of creature death spirals.
  • Optimized fish bones and meshes.
  • Fixed creature schools that had multiple alphas.
  • The Squid remembers where to go next on checkpoint reload.
  • Got rid of a big hole in the terrain that allowed players to exit the world.
  • Better handling of old save files after an update.
  • Lots of other performance fixes and optimizations (entity occlusion, unified post-processing, macOS optimizations).


Thanks again for your support and happy holidays!

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