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Dead until rebirth - More XP needed. The transition from bad to good.

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Well, since there is no easy way to say this, I'll just say it. This mod is dead, nada, no more. The team has agreed to this after extensive thinking and after many adjustments and refinements, we have come to the conclusion to postpone the mod until we have enough experience on the subject, since this is a very complex and multi-layered project, we simply aren't up to it, yet anyway. It just breaks my heart that we have made this decision, but it is a necessary evil.
We have worked with some truly wondrous people and Simon, I lift my hat for you sir. Aki, your ideas were well appreciated in our time of need.
So I say goodbye to you fellow modders and until next time, I'm Amosinn.


aaw no!!! :(
*sad face*

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Consider releasing a very small map-pack, focusing on one or two aspects per map.

Are you going to consider open-sourcing any of the maps you made?

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Amosinn Author

I don't know, I don't think so. We'll get back onto it when we get more experience and more people that are interested. For example, we need a good modeler, but there don't seem to be any modelers that want to participate, this is due to a great shortage of modelers.. It was also very hard to find a programmer. We found one, but he was very, erm, unstable and he ragequit.We had two mappers, a texture artist, a concept artist(me), and a writer. That was about it.

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