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I'm sorry to say this guys, but at this point in time, progress has ground to a halt.

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I'm sorry to say this guys, but at this point in time, progress has ground to a halt.

One of our team members has been out of contact for several months now, our programmer has landed an official programming job and his priorities have shifted, and since the loss of so much time and effort with my computer crash, I haven't been motivated to continue.

It is possible that months down the line we may start up again, however if this is not the case I am more than happy to release what content still exists to the general public, or those who may wish to continue this project (with consent from the other team members obviously).

I have always wanted, and still do, to contribute to the Metal Gear Solid universe. I am currently in the early stages of creating a possible storyline for Snake and Otacon's Philanthropy activities. If it takes the medium of video games, it will more than likely be on a different, more recent engine.

Sorry for the news, folks.

- Pliskin.NH

Domo01 - - 450 comments

But seriously, it's really disappointing to see this die D:

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|Tyler| - - 192 comments

Yeah...but i'm not surprised.

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Rio_Brando - - 522 comments

Dammit.It looked so good too :(

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Neomonkeus - - 98 comments

I would definitely think about releasing the assets to the general public. You never know, it might get people interested in the project or at least ensure that the work that you have done might be used by others. And don't give up either as sometimes it is good to shelve a project for a while and come back to it again :D

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MrFoxx - - 78 comments

Damn, it's a shame :(

I'd love to see you release what you have so far, some of the stuff is amazing.

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Mr-Gency - - 1,965 comments

**** hit the fan and no one is around to clean it up.

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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

I don't know what to comment. Metal Gear Solid is probably one of my favorite series. I'm sad to see that such great content (amazing maps and everything) will be thrown away. Just.. Aahh.

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02631 - - 3 comments

Where did the dimensions of folders?

Is the mod dead?

Does anyone have links to the file?

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melir219 - - 1 comments

I CAN'T LET THIS MOD DIE ! I want to contribute to develop it !

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AzureLeRook - - 6 comments

when i saw this mod i went nuts cause im huge fan MGS i would love to work on this but most i can do is make good textures and bump maps with my drawing pad i also have some experience with Blender 3d and i know how to mess with the source engine.

if you have any models or maps i could work on i would be thankful so i know were to start contact my account or my steam: Azure_Le_Rook hopefully you'll respond :(

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