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News about the next update! Which is the Death Match : Global Offensive v0.65!

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Hi Everyone! ZRRepublic reporting in! The next update will be here! Which is the Death Match v0.65! The update will be called "Air Update"!

Why does it called "Air Update"? Because, the all generals for the GLA faction will have their own unique air units base on their speacility! Like Dr.Thrax having Chemical Bombers!

Speaking of Bombers, I introduce the GLA Bomber!


Also Chinese Jets will have new names! Like the Su47 for the Infantry General!

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And I also introducing a new unit! The Balloon!


Balloons will be available for the Vanilla GLA! This balloons can shoot down ground units but escort them,they are vulnarable!

Also, some fixes had been made, like the Kirov shoot down small bombs. And other stuff.

And maybe a game logo or a new background in-game! Well, thats all for the "Air Update"! Wait till the release!


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