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This summary is about recent happenings. And updates of what I've done beyond the screenshots. Pretty much... Also contains stuff I'll probably be putting in.

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Angel Wings is almost done! Yay!

Stuff subject to change:
-Combat Airfield-
Main issue of it was that it is really big building.

-Most of Supreme Command Center's Functionality.
-All ground units, except replacement models.
-Most Support Powers.
-Most Defense Buildings.

To do:
-Make replacement models. I didn't want to it look like the old Generals. The whole graphic style is supposedly very clean-like futuristic shenanigans. A lot of white and cyan is involved, there is a touch of red and a rare case of yellow.
-Make Ultimate Support Power
-Button Cameos.
-Custom Strings-- hotkeys will be more consistent, may wanna remap some gameplay buttons(F for formation movement, X for scatter, etc) so that it wouldn't conflict with hotkeys.

Red Skulls is going to be put together once I'm done with Angel Wings, its much more convenient for me to track progress if I work on one faction at a time.

Same goes from Earth's Saviors.

Then there's the Special Factions. These factions aren't in canon, except for one which is the Cyberkinetics Faction.

I'm planning a joke faction called "Cannon Fodder General."
And maybe. A "D__m___u General."


Sounds good I'm looking foreword to see how this mod turns out and to see the Angel Wings turn out.

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