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Introducing WFU. We are planning to post every Friday a "Weekly Friday Update"(WFU). This means, we post new images, a new video or other random stuff.

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Hey people,first of all, we want to thank everyone of you for your support. You guys are amazing! Today, we're introducing the "Weekly Friday Update"(WFU). We will do our best to upload news, screenshots, videos, images or just random stuff every Friday, although sometimes the WFU may be up at Saturday :)
Update 29.11.13

Not much has changed since the last time, but at least this game is not dead :)
The main things we have been working on, were new shaders for weapons and other things.
The weapons should look allot better now.

You are now able to attach custom sights and attachments to weapons. The camouflage is also changeable. The plan is to make the weapons customizable as much as possible.

New weapons were also added: M1911, M40A5, MP5
New equipment is also available: C4

The HUD was reworked. It now shows you a small warning, if you have low ammo. In survival mode the wave counter and point counter looks different now.

2 new Maps were added.

We changed Recoil a bit and added bullet shell ejection.

The main menu is also being reworked.

Particle effects like explosions and muzzle flashes have been redone.

You can see some new screenshots at the "Images" tab.

Also, please notice that we changed our support mail address to: want to help us develop Deadly Shot? You have suggestions? Contact us at: a nice day and stay tuned for more updates!
Deadly Shot Developing Team

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