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Deadly Premonition PC's publisher Rising Star Games has announced that its new 1.01 patch is out, which should fix a host of errors. Unfortunately, it still doesn't address the 720p locked resolution, but modder Durante has issued a fix for that - even if it's still in alpha and a bit buggy (see the front page for instructions).

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Hi everyone,

There’s now a patch available for Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut offering the following fixes:

Version 1.01
- Added full controller support for game.
- Added controller selector to launcher (note: controller button in launcher must be selected for controllers to work in-game).
- Enabled game to use multiple processor cores. This should improve performance and loading times on computers with multi-core processors.
- Fixed case where "All Achievements Unlocked" achievement was not unlocking for players. Players who have met the conditions will also now be awarded the achievement when they load their saved game.
- Alt button no longer pauses game.
- Fixed looping sound error when player stopped moving after stamina bar was full.
- Fixed case where car speedometers were being erratic on some computers.
- Decreased recovery time during a final event in the game. Players should find it easier to run and dodge now.
- Bug/crash fixes.

Thanks for your patience and support.

The RSG Team

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