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Deathmatch? In Wolfenstein 3D? No, unfortunately this isn't multiplayer.

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What about some multiplayer in Wolf3D? Nah, just kidding. But we have the next best thing. Sort of.

Deathmatch and Deathmatch Revisited are two 30-floor scenarios for the Third Encounter made by Miguel Faria (a name already known to keen adepts of Mac Wolfing). The name is most likely derived from the excessive amount of killing you'll be doing in both variants of the scenario. Deathmatch consists of (generally) small and very small maps. You get a chaingun right away and have to face hordes of enemies or (more rarely) single bosses with the ample resources provided. Deathmatch Revisited significantly revamps each map; sometimes the originals are barely recognizable after the fact. Many levels are larger now and you have to kill even more guards than in the first version. Be warned.

Miguel Faria

deathmatch 1

deathmatch 2

Download Deathmatch


Download Deathmatch Revisited

Deathmatch Revisited

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