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1.1.4 Features more rewarding map exploring, monsters aggroing to villagers, cosmetic upgrades, bug fixes and more...

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Deadbuild 1.1.4 - Dangerous Night & Exploring!

Hello again! It has been over 2 months since last update, but here it is again a new update!
This update has 2 new big things; Scarier night and more rewarding exploring!
If you have any ideas what you would like to see, please tell me!

New Features

I wanted to make the exploring of the map more rewarding. In the old version you pretty much just scouted the proximity of your base. But now there are Neutral monster and Chests scattered around the map, so it's much more rewarding to scout. From a chest you get +100 random resouces and it's usefull to kill the Neutral monsters, otherwise they are going to kill villagers who go too near them.

Treasure +100 Random resource & Neutral monster

Other big thing is that the monsters who don't walk along the road have a chance to start aggroing and attacking player villagers or hero. In the old version there was only 2 monsters that could attack to villagers now almost every monster have chance to be aggressive. That makes the night much more scarier like it's supposed to be.

A monster aggroing to villager

I added a new building Medical Tent, because now villagers and hero will take a much more damage, so I wanted to add a way to be able to heal them. Medical tent can heal only 1 unit per time, just bring your unit close to the tent and it will automatically start healing.
Cost: Rock 75 Wood 75

Medical tent

Cosmetic Changes
As you may noticed in the previous gif there was a new villager skin: female villager!

Femal villager sprite

Particle engine was also improved, now the blood does not anymore just dissapear it fades nicely to the ground. Also I updated some particle effects to look little more better!
Read the full change list below

Fixed & Changed
New Features
- Monsters who don't walk on road have possibility to start aggroing to villagers who are close enough!! Makes night a lot more scarier!
- Neutral monsters, possibility to spawn on random map with random stats.
- On random map there is now a possibility to spawn a chest that contains +100 random resources.
- Building Medical tent: Heals nearby allied unit

General Improvements

- Particle Engine: Color transition updated!
- Now for example blood does not just "blink" away, it fades nicely to the ground
- When closing buildmenu it now resets the building "memory"
- Improved enemy waves in campaing
- Heroes have now more hp, since enemies are now more aggresive
- Added option to change camera speed

- There are now also female villagers!
- Villagers with carts now show team colors and not just white
- Enhanced and added more particle effects
- Hero grave now reacts to the day/night lighting

- When ressing Athena there was no particle effect
- You can't anymore select nature and monsters at the same time and bug out the ui
- All heroes stats were scaling from Gimar level, now correctly from their own level
- When garrisoned in Villager tower a move order won't bug them out

In the NEXT update likely to be in:
- New Campaing a longer day/night cycle to have more traditional TD feeling and to have more time to plan defences.
- New enemies
- New towers
- New food sources (farms,animals, fishing)?

Enjoy db!

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