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Update incoming! Yes... It's been a while my friends..

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Well, what do we have here... An update? After how long? Yes, I know, it has been an infuriating some odd months, but not to worry you're all still alive.

So sorry for all those who eagerly wait for this mod to die, tear down your Black Nuke tombstones, cause we're not going anywhere.

Like I said, it has been a while and indeed, this mod has been in cryo sleep for some time. In the weeks to come I will begin reawakening my dear beloved and you can expect the next update in a few weeks, maybe a month. Don't worry it won't be forever this time. I have a life you know.

BUT!! Just when you think it can't get any better, I have already uploaded the long-awaited teaser trailer for the next installment of Black Nuke: Version Beta-Build One Point Six. Expect it later this week, after it's been *sigh* AUTHORIZED. And before you complain about the video I must let you know that it contains some outdated footage, most have and will be changed.

What can we expect next? Well, some changes listed in the video. You get to see the Laser General's Epic Power, AirForce Epic Power in action (changed damage to balance, it was WAY too overpowered in the video), and some points you can pick off if you don't recognize it. Hint Hint.

So that's all folks! I'm sorry, no pictures today, maybe next time.

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