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Update news for Dead Frontier: Source Version 2.0 with new weapons and new areas!

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So I haven't given you guys an update in a while, so I thought today I'd give you guys a list of things that have been done and fixed since version 1.6. I'll try to upload pictures later today so you guys can see the progress.


-Block North of Pastor
-Block North-East of Pastor
-Gambling Den Interior
-Records Interior
-The 'Game HUB' room

-Grinder/Steel 090
-SW 500, Desert Fox, Greyhawk
-Diamond XR Chainsaw (Fixing damage tables)
-SW Crimson .500 (Fixing damage tables)
-Scythe (Fixing damage tables)
-Bully Hatchet (Fixing damage tables)
-Moddb Bat (You'll see!)

-Custom textures and re-worked models (This includes new weapon skins and zombie skins for the tendril, leaper, titan, and wraith.
-Multiplayer spawn points
-Test HUD system and storage system (Storage system is buggy, items will occasionally disappear)


-Titan (Was causing the game to crash, I'm thinking it's something wrong with the model. It'll be re-added later on.)
-Wraith (Tentacles caused massive server lag. Will re-add later once I've fixed it)
-Leaper (Was causing the game to crash)
-Tendril (Was causing the game to crash)

-The 'Crayfish' (Will re-add)

-Factory West of Pastor (Will re-add later)
-Park South of Pastor (Will re-add later)
-PVP Arena (Will re-add after multiplayer is fixed)

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