DEAD END 3 TEASER! Trailer and Game Launch Coming Soon!

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Trailer and Game Launch Coming Soon! Currently, this game is in Game Version 1.75 and the full game is Completed! Right now I'm just making tiny adjustments/improvements meanwhile testing the game over and over again to see if I find any sneaky bugs. I recently also decided that I want to add one more Map and one more New Enemy before Launch! 😈

Light Mutant

Game Difficulties...

Will NOT be added to this game! If you are a beginner at shooting games this game might be too difficult for you! Hell, even I die sometimes while playing even tho I know the ins & outs of every aspect but in my opinion that just makes you feel rewarded for getting a checkpoint and builds on to the atmosphere that your character isn't a Juggernaut, you just a man with a gun... & Sword! For people who hate me for this Difficulty Choice, I have made Secret Things that you can Unlock in the game that makes you more OP! 😉

DE3 Menu 1 75

Be aware...

That this game is a fast-paced shooter based on Doom & Quake so by being very good at shooting and running you can beat the game pretty fast, but in my opinion, games should rather be short with more to offer in case of replayability than too long and tedious. With that said, DEAD END 3 is an action-packed fast-moving shooter with lots of METAL! 🤘

DE3 helicoper

This is...

By far the largest and best game project I have ever done with almost everything done by me. (Models, Maps, Guns, Story, Logic Bricks, Mutants & More) Thing is that I never expected this game to get this big when I first started the Project, I just wanted to make a New Remake of my old DEAD END Games. The older DEAD END games only had like 4 maps, one mutant, and three weapons taken from, the games didn't have sound effects nor boss fights... (TL: DR It was very simple LOL)

It's almost...

As I have grown my Game Development skills with this game, lots of things have changed since 2017... And here we are in 2022! DEAD END 3 has come a long way! 🎮

More content...

Will be Added even after this game is Launched! (More Secrets, Unlocks, Skins are being planned!) As I have said before, I will not stop working on this game until I'm 100% pleased with it! 🤩

Time To Get Hyped! 😈


This game project by Sharing to your budds or online, would be really glad if you did and helps me out more than you think.

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I'm gonna make the New Mutant Model! 👹

Peace! 😄


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