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Nearly a year ago, we released a beta version of Dead Before Dawn to try and satisfy those who kept nagging us to release the campaign. We did just that and then suffered the wrath of the internet. Well, ever since then, we decided not to post any more news or media about the campaign until we feel it's ready. We did exactly just that, we kept updates to a minimum... Until today.

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The DBD team has spent countless hours working on the campaign, but this time at their own pace. By doing this, they were able to focus on what the campaign needed and to fix what was still not working.

It has taken us this long to complete the campaign partly because of the amount of work that needed to be done. We had numerous crashes and DBD wouldn't work in VPK format etc. We have successfully overcome these obstacles and the campaign works in VPK format and we haven't had it crash on us, unless we're actually trying to make it crash.

A few weeks ago, we sent out a link to all the people who has ever donated to L4DMods. This link allowed them to download the RC for Dead Before Dawn. They had their hands dirty with the campaign and so far we have not received any serious issues with the campaign. Other errors we missed have already been fixed and everyday we have a new version with previous errors fixed. Although, there is always more work to be done when working on a campaign, what remains will be dealt with over the coming months. We can however assure you, that the future updates are only for minor things that are lower on our list or priorities. The campaign works in every aspect of the word.

In a few days, when we also open up our brand-spanking new downloads section, you will find Dead Before Dawn up for download. We are in the final stages of completing our downloads section and it should be up in a few days. Worst case scenario, last day of September if something goes wrong. To see a complete changelog since the previous release, scroll down.

September 19th 2010- RELEASE CANDIDATE


  • Added tv set in map 5 that randomly playes last 3 news items of the zombie apocalypse
  • Added elevator event to the finale map to prevent players from camping the elevator shaft during the finale
  • Blocked more spots so survivors can't get past the "infected domain" in the finale event.
  • Removed banner that blocked ladder access for SI bots and players above the map 5 ground level truck right of the costello's store


  • Added custom finale music and an escape audio action sequence


  • Fixed inaccessible SI vent in map 1
  • Tweaked vs settings related to the chance of tank and witch spawns troughout the campaign

    September 4th 2010

    General Changes:

  • Removed map 5 (undead center) due to length issues with the campaign
  • Replaced former map 5 with new parking finale map and changed map 4 / map 5 safehouse appearence accordingly

    Weapons and items:

  • Maps 1, 2, 3 and 5 have received improved logic (random) weapons spawn system
  • Maps 1, 2, 3 and 5 have received enhanced random items system

    Cosmetics and Layout:

  • Added stratigic fire barrels that burn the "intro zombies" as they attempt to reach the survivors in the "safe zone" up the city hall stairs
  • Changed mood and lighting of map 1
  • Maps received a huge amount of fixes for reported visual glitches, texture malfunction and brush cosmetics
  • Map 4 received a new mood : night time
  • Map 4 received a new section to avoid backtracking from the west side (small double door) lock crecendo event
  • Map 4 received a little overhaul of the north gate milionth customer fail reset procedure. Players won't be forced
    to view the counter anymore. This streamlines the event and also solves some camera problems with dead players.
  • Map 5 received a fix for an exploit that could allow the survivors to jump over the intended finale borders to the "infected area" of the finale


  • Maps 4 and 5 receives new CJ voices for events (like the finale) that have been added in this build)


  • Several optimizations and new ladders troughout the campaign have been added for SI convenience
  • Medkits in end of level safehouses are now consistently being removed in versus
  • In versus, the "milionth customer gate" event in map 4 will not teleport survivors but punish them with extra
    SI when they fail it. (when they let the counter pass 1.000.000 "customers")

    August 2nd 2010 1.15

    Packaging and VPK:

  • Removed dated source engine models preventing us from creating a vpk (due to a crash related to these models)
  • Campaign size reduced around 700 Mb
  • Removed unused mission audio files and music


  • Weapon spawn placement updated trough-out all maps
  • Random items placement tweaked trough-out all maps
  • Proper implementation of Rescue closets on all maps (Coop only)
  • Proper optimization of crescendo areas (nav optimization)


  • Corrected miss-pronouncing in the map 3 mall entrance area
  • Boosted volume of all audio that was too quite trough-out the campaign
  • Removed some of the music cues and updated several location music arrangements
  • Now using the correct boomer vomit custom music wave file
  • The intro music is called using the correct mission start music convention
  • Starting in the safe-house now correctly plays "safe-house music" (due to nav optimization)
  • We drastically cut verbose CJ information to facilitate the removal of many story locks.
  • Custom sound-scape in the mall (maps 5 and 6) Story locks:
  • Removed story locks in Anna's house and allowed all relevant doors to be breakable by zombies as well as active for survivors
  • Drastically reduced the second mall entry story locks so players can proceed to the warehouse while CJ is talking
  • Removed lock on roof access door in map 3
  • Made it clear by instruction messages and light guides where players have to go trough-out the maps
  • We allow players to throw the (map 4 safehouse) toilet trough the window while CJ is talking
  • In general, doors that were locked while CJ was talking, now open up when players approach. We solve the problem of overlapping CJ voices by delaying subsequent dialog lines, should players arrive at key locations
  • Reduced cj lines in length and cut the voice story to it's essentials. (removed verbose info). This is a part of our effort to reduce the "story locks"

    Event Optimizations:

  • Created clear instructor messages to indicate custom events. and "things you shouldn't shoot in DBD"
  • Subliminal icons may appear to illustrate other kinds of danger trough-out the campaign
  • Made map 1 explosions and destructions purely cosmetic. (no penalty for players)
  • Smoothed and optimized the helicopter event in map 2
  • Optimized the barricade event at the end of map 2 (no SI spawning behind the barricades)
  • Split the west "hold button to close door" event in map 4 in 2 parts. Progress of the event is now visible in the environment by the movement of the doors and subsequent shutter gates
  • Removed the "search Paulie's key-card" event for the sake of a better flow experience in map 4
  • Optimized the north entrance (1 mil customer counter) event the same way as the west door by visually indicating movement of closing doors and shutter gates.
  • Optimized "failure to hold back zombies" event by tele-porting survivors to a fake safe-house and give them another chance (only in coop)
  • Removed random server activation puzzle in the staff offices of map 5 and created regular l4d flow inside this area
  • Added a mandatory map 5 crescendo event
  • Removed food court area and optimized map flow to be more "left 4dead"
  • Because the Food Court is gone, the "get 6pack of beer" mission no longer exists

    VS Optimizations:

  • Created lots of new vertical and horizontal space in maps 2 and 3 in order for proper hunter movement
  • Created lots of extra catwalks, infected ladders and behind the scenes (breakable) infrastructure for infected to spawn
  • Maps 4 and 5 now have walkable vents for the infected so they can distribute themselves more quickly to set up attack positions
  • Players who reach the end of the warehouse via the wooden catwalk can open the door at the bottom to relief the smoker threats for team mates

    October 31th 2009:

  • Initial beta release 0.9
RockRebel - - 965 comments

So.... everything must go to hell?

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medve - - 1,475 comments

its a bit overpopulated, but theres always some room for some fresh meat

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
GonzoJager - - 20 comments

I prefer cheese ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
KEEP_IT_UP! - - 1,444 comments

really great to see you guys are back. seems like it was a good plan to wait with the download, till it's really "ready". can't wait to test the newest version then... good luck and keep it up :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
|KILroy| - - 346 comments

Some good ****. I wish L4D1 had better weapon animations to the degree of L4D2's :C

The weapons just feel so blah =/. Though, this is another topic for another day (that probably won't ever happen since this game is done for.)

Marvelous progress. I look forward to an exciting release!

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TiberianVortex - - 323 comments

Wow it's a good thing that i waited!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
HeadClot - - 461 comments

Good thing i waited as well :)

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TiberianVortex - - 323 comments


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Technodude010 - - 101 comments

this works for l4d2 m i rite?

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StephanBotha Author
StephanBotha - - 56 comments

A L4D2 version will follow shortly after the release of the L4D1 version

Reply Good karma0 votes
CosmicD - - 125 comments

it would be a shame just to copy the l4d1 version in l4d2 and call it "working". Because we are doing much nececery changes of items and weapons changes to make it a full l4d2 experience. So far so good.

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Sharkz - - 131 comments

You have no idea how happy this makes me, can't wait for release.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mob11 - - 28 comments

"Nearly a year ago, we released a beta version of Dead Before Dawn to try and satisfy those who kept nagging us to release the campaign."

Yes, clearly it was everyone else's fault...

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Sorbitar - - 417 comments

that almost reminds me of apple's stand to the iphone4: "there's nothing wrong with the phone..everybody is just holding it wrong." xD

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Anonymousperson - - 189 comments

I hate malls...

...but I don't hate this

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
spuuunit - - 48 comments

This looks soo nice. When do you guys think you'll be done with this?

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darth_brush - - 35 comments

in 3 days!

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