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Dead Before Dawn is being updated with a hotfix that adresses certain problems people have since the release ov Valve's new DLC!

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We would like to start by giving thanks to all users who downloaded the campaign the past week and gave the full release a chance to shine and truely deliver on what we stood for when we conceived this add-on.

After all the months of hard work and worrying and fixing all the problems the campaign had during the beta period, we were struck numb by the positive responses after the release and we are happy that we found every trick, engine trap and other optimization methods to complete our work and bring the final product "home".

Now, on to the update news of the week:

In good Valve tradition, some things get "broken" when they release a significant update like a DLC, some engine things change, a batch of convars and engine variables become obsolete or new ones are introduced... But we can tell you that the things have changed for the better.

Since the update with the Sacrifice DLC for Left 4 Dead 1, we can build our own sound cache and include it in the vpk. The game will then read and plug the soundcache into it's main one and our sounds will work right away, that's right: without any need for the player to type any command in the console.

This has been a grief for us developers for almost 2 years now, and it is finally fixed in this DLC update of the game. In Left 4 Dead 2 this was actually introduced more than a month ago.

Download the updated release that fixes sound issues at following locations:

We made sure that we also didn't update our maps in any way so that this immediate sound "hotfix" update doesn't mean you can't play anymore with friends that didn't update the campaign yet. AFter all: it's a sound update only! We will wait a few more weeks until updating the maps because we want to observe gameplay, comments and forum messages to decide what to update.

This weekend, we had our first left 4 dead 2 internal build of the campaign. We can already tell you that in case you find the l4d1 version "easy", just wait until you play it in l4d2 in a few weeks! And Zoey doesn't want to "rot away on an island aaand aaaactually help us out" in Dead Before Dawn Too and she will bring her friends!

Before we go out, we'd like to give you a few extra links.

If you want to have a quick fix on many of our technical challenges while we are building and optimizing for l4d2, follow us on twitter.

If you're fan of the Crossroads mall, you can show that and "like us" on Facebook!

That was it for this week. Have fun playing DBD, WITHOUT sound issues!

gravetracer - - 39 comments

In the L4D2 version, will I get to play as the original survivors or the new (or both?)

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darth_brush - - 35 comments

just zoey and her gang... or we have to do 2 version, but they would be incompatible online.

we love ZAWI more!

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