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An update on the game and how it will be released.

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So it’s been a while since any news has surfaced about Days Of Extinction. A lot has been done in the last few months of development with some big changes made to the overall game to make it more fun to play and hopefully give the player a better overall experience. So as this post goes up the end is in sight…..well kind of.

To be clearer, the game itself is very big in size and development could honestly keep going on forever adding new features, areas, monsters, weapons and so on. So as I know a lot of people want to get their hands on the game, it’s been decided that in the next few months the game will be released. This will be version 1 of the game and you will be able to explore the world and learn of the lore of the games world through the locations you find. Now so I hear you ask “what happens after I buy version 1?” Well put simply Days Of Extinction will follow a similar release style as Minecraft did. Once you own a copy of the game, all updates and DLC for the game is free. The updates and DLC for the game will come very often, most likely weekly for small updates and a little longer for larger updates such a large DLC in the form of new areas and maps.

The hope with releasing the game like this is that when people get to play it they can give feedback through the Days Of Extinction forums that will be set up just before release. This way the game will always be growing and you can always expect something new from it. You guys, the players will play a big part in the games development. The feedback and suggestions you give will directly affect the content that will be released next. For example, if there is an area or lore in the game that people really like it may become part of a DLC update.

Features that are already being developed for the game that will either come at launch or as part of updates post launch include.



New areas

New Monsters

New weapons

Companion NPCs

Vehicles and more.

Due to the way the game is going to be released and updated, the cost of the game is also going to be very pocket friendly. No price has been fixed yet but expect the game to cost in the area of €5-€7. Once again to be clear, after you buy the game all updates and DLC are free for life.

To further excite you all and get you ready for the game, screenshots and a gameplay trailer are coming very soon!



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Sounds good! :D

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