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How we are improving the Days After The Storm's arts, Adding details, lighting, and more!

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some update about Days After The Storm that will be released on Xbox One (via id@xbox), Nintendo Wii U and Steam (PC/Mac/Linux)

As You can see from the images below, we have improved the game art.

The above image is the first version, that was made in 2016 by our previous artist. This was/is beatiful, but there is a lack of something that will say "wow" to the player. For this reason, our new artist has modified the same image by putting lights on, adding, deleting and modifying objects.

Also this room will be a fundamental part of Days After The Storm game, where the player will be able to perform several actions, as collect objects, use them and other actions that will amaze you!

What you can not see is the interaction between the various items that you have available in the menu, which is probably one of the most important features of Days After The Storm game.

We are confident that we can release Days After The Storm by the end of 2018

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