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We, the twins, Roarkes and Roarke decided to restore Dawn of Darkness multiplayer by fixing it.

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fff The flame of DoD will always burn bright in the dark times of multiplayer ! fff 1

Blank as an uncarved piece of wood; yet receptive as a hollow in the hills. Murky as a troubled stream-- which of you can assume such murkiness to become in the end still and clear? Which of you can make yourself inert, to become in the end full of life and stir ?

Scripture of Manawyd


Testing coop/deathmatch with the demo gamex86.dll
Added autoexec.cfg.
Added map.lst, in which you can add your own map names. Be sure that you always leave a blank line on the end of this file, or Quake 2 will crash when you want to make a server.
Added proper players folder in the mod, so that you can now see in multiplayer the player model.
Added in multiplayer player setup the player with his sword in his hand.
Changed the scoreboard tag.
Added "tallbush1.pcx", "tree2.pcx" files from an old Dawn of Darkness demo, in "pak3.pak". This plant skins are for a summer season, when all is greener.
Added "hrdrk074.wal" and "day_... .pcx" files, in "pak3.pak". This files ("hrdrk074.wal" and "day_... .pcx") are made by Alex Kazhdan (see GarthDM readme). Now you have day, not onli night for Dawn of Darkness maps.
For now, the scoreboard is registering only the deaths (in deathmatch, the time limit works).
Tested different items.
Tested coop with npc and monsters.
Found player logo for scoreboard.
Tested maps.
Testing coop/deathmatch with the Ben Glover unreleased gamex86.dll

Not done :

Scoreboard registering frags.
No player name on scoreboard.
Map packs.


This is fascinating ... multiple roarke's running around! Or can you choose your own skin Cheatin, Moktar, Crossbow Man, Monster?


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Roarkes Author

Good question. The skins need testing. The number of skins are codded in the mod.dll file and the monsters skins are scaled for them It will require scaling. For a texture, if you make a duplicate of it (but edited with a graphic program) and you put the edited one in a different .pak file, the game will use the texture from the higher numbered .pak file. For a skin, it need to be tested.

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