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The new DarthMod Empire version comes with many new enhancements due to some new files that were unlocked for modding. The twcenter member "taw" has helped for this. The biggest change is the diplomacy and CAI which is finally fixed and improved as it should have been from the start. Also, the "spider ropes" are removed and the sieges of forts became more strategic and more 18th century alike. The AI will even demand surrender! All other changes are the below:

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Special new in version 6.3
-Used the entities training tables (new file unlocked by taw) to optimize the tidiness of units and responses.
-Preserved the golden deceleration/acceleration values in battle entities db file of version 6,2.
-Outcome due to the above: the units respond and act more realistically, musket more, battle physics improved, units with high training are far more distinct in the battlefield comparing to units with lower training levels (visually and practically). For example, the native americans have much more free formations and this is for their advantage.
-Changed some training levels for some units
-Nullified all CAI difficulty level handicaps (all zero). Previously, it seemed that they were enabled for the AI although they were set to false. This affected the turn delay... less calculation less waiting, no ottoman turn bug anymore it seems.
-Balanced the autoresolve for Naval battles (Needs testing).
-Various tweaks to CAI (AI should repair its naval forces, should be more energetic around trade routes, will support less the Allies in order to protect itself more, etc.)
-Used the diplomacy_attitudes file (new table unlocked by taw). This diplomacy file is very important and controls the per turn relations numbers. Now modded to be more dynamic. Not for example to begin wars and the relations to deteriorate infinitely (silly vanilla setting). Wars will begin, outbreaks will have impact but the negative values will pass overtime to press the AI to negotiate peace... finally. Together with the other innovations of DarthMod, these new settings make the diplomacy AI manipulation complete.
-More hilly terrains.
-All skirmishers can now react/shoot at 360 degrees. This gives their last touch to their unique role in the battlefield.
-Various changes (not many) to stats for some units. Thanks to Xwyzed and Elianus for the feedback.
-Removed the attribute "Can do formed attack" of line infantry type. I believe it affected the AI and made it to musket less.
-Many changes in fatigue settings. Now new settings make the AI to prefer more to approach in order and musket. Also the dynamic fatigue settings changed the whole character of the battlefield.
-Removed the spider rope ability of infantry. Now the AI will prefer not to storm the fortifications but to wait, or attack when it has cannons. In battle, you must outgun the fort in order to take it, and cannot climb it (historical)... testing needed.
-Many new settings in CAI (prefer more to research army improvements, calculate better each turn etc.)
-Native americans are now cold resistant, impetuous, have extra stamina and generally are more realistic (due to the new settings of their unit formations as well).
-Removed the european minor factions unit limits (DMUC setting only).
-The admiral naval ships improved.
-The heavy naval ships gained a little more armour.
-Mounted unit walk speed increased (Maneuver better that way).
-The desert warriors gained ability to skirmish and now fight as they truly did with the new scattered unit formations.
-Throwing axes are now armour piercing.
-CAI will respond equally to port attacks or other naval threats and not neglect one of the priorities (needs testing).
-Pirates have now pistols and shoot before they charge.
-Some urgent settings in attack factors (front, rear, flanks) which should make the AI to hesitate less and to make the melees more balanced with the new settings of the mod.
-Some distorted cannon explosion sounds have been removed (only DMUC related).

The DMUC 6,3 will follow in the coming days.

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Sounds like some nice new features. I'll wait for the UC update though. ;) Nice work!

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