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The New DarthMod Empire has minor adjustments to polish it to perfection. The greatest new feature is that pikemen do not use their swords any more and fight with their pikes as they should be doing. Check it out.

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Special new in version 6,2

-Finally the pikemen fight with pike and not with sword and so are useful and historically correct. This fix is based on Primergy mod. Full Credits belong to him for this long anticipated fix.

-Musket-axe troops melee with their axes and not with their muskets (vanilla bug fix). Thank you Xwhyzed for the very clear instructions and your animation mod.

-Fatigue tweaked so that infantry gets tired more while in steady mode
and by climbing hills (affects AI as well which seems to fight more

-Camels cost/upkeep tweaked and have unit limit so that AI does not create camel armies.

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