DARKTIMES is a new mod by Jeedai, unlike his unsuccesful TOR mod, DARKTIMES will be a complete mod including Text and Icons on it's first release.

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The DARKTIMES Mod takes place between Episode III and Episode IV telling the story of what happened during this pivotal era in the Star Wars Galaxy:

The Empire has recently been formed, and Emperor Palpatine's army is quickly swallowing up planets once loyal to the Republic. The Republic Remnant is waging an un-winable war against the Empire, with out-dated technology. Meanwhile Gizor Dellso has returned to Mustafar in order to restart the Droid Factories and begin a new war with both the Empire and Republic Remnant. Gizor is using new technology salvaged from a Hammerhead wreck on Mustafar in order to make a new unstoppable droid army. HK-47, a relic from a time long forgotten, is aiding Gizor in his quest, but he may just stab him in the back... they are truly DARKTIMES...

New Features:

  • ROTM Projectiles and Skydomes
  • CIS and Old Republic Models
  • new skins for models
  • new CIS Remnant heros
  • new music

the public beta will be release when i get permission from all of the owners of certain models in my mod.

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